Onion Galette

Arrangement: 12 min  Cooking: 25 min
Serve: 4
Essential Ingredients:
• 2 medium onions (Cut long)
• ½ cup coarsely crushed peanuts
• 3 tsp. ginger finely “chopped”
• 1-”2 tbsp.” fresh coriander leaves
• 3 green chilies finely “chopped”
• “1 ½ tbsp.” lemon juice
• “Salt and pepper” to taste
Cooking Procedure:
1 Mix the Essential Ingredients in a clean bowl.
2 Mold this mixture into round and flat galettes.
3 Wet the galettes slightly with water. Coat each galette with the crushed peanuts.
4 Pre heat the Air Fryer at 160 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 min. Place the galettes in the fry basket and let them cook for another 25 min at the same temperature. Keep rolling them over to get a uniform cook. Serve either with mint chutney or ketchup.

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