Mushroom Pasta

Arrangement: 5 min
Cooking: 8 min
Serve: 4
Essential Ingredients:
• 1 cup pasta  “1 ½ tbsp.” olive oil
• A pinch of salt
For tossing pasta:
• ½ tbsp. olive oil
• “Salt and pepper” to taste
• “½ tsp.” oregano
• “½ tsp.” basil
For Sauce:
• “2 tbsp.” olive oil
• 2 cups sliced mushroom
• “2 tbsp.” all-purpose flour
• 2 cups of milk
• “1 tsp.” dried oregano
• “½ tsp.” dried basil
• “½ tsp.” dried parsley
• “Salt and pepper” to taste
Cooking Procedure:
Boil the pasta and sieve it when done. You will need to toss the pasta in the Essential Ingredients mentioned above and set aside.
2 For the sauce, add the Essential Ingredients to a pan and bring the Essential Ingredients to a boil.
3 Stir the sauce and continue to simmer to make a thicker sauce. Add the pasta to the sauce and transfer this into a glass bowl garnished with cheese. Pre heat the Air Fryer at 160 degrees for 5 min. Place the bowl in the basket and close it.
4 Let it continue to cook at the same temperature for 10 min more. Keep stirring the pasta in between.

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