Stuffed Eggplant Baskets

Arrangement: 7 min
Cooking: 18 min
Serve: 4
Essential Ingredients: For baskets:
• 6 eggplants
• “½ tsp.” salt
• “½ tsp.” pepper powder
• For filling:
• 1 medium onion finely “chopped”
• 1 green chili finely “chopped”
• “1 ½ tbsp.” “chopped” coriander leaves
• “1 tsp.” fenugreek
• “1 tsp.” dried mango powder
• “1 tsp.” cumin powder
• “Salt and pepper” to taste
For topping:
• 3 tbsp. grated cheese
• “1 tsp.” red chili flakes
• “½ tsp.” oregano
• “½ tsp.” basil
“½ tsp.” parsley
Cooking Procedure:
1 Take all the Essential Ingredients under the heading “Filling” and mix them together in a bowl.
2 Remove the stem of the eggplant. Cut off the caps. Remove a little of the flesh as well. Sprinkle some “Salt and pepper” on the inside of the capsicums. Leave them aside for some time.
3 Now fill the eggplant with the filling prepared but leave a small space at the top. Sprinkle grated cheese and also add the seasoning.
4 Pre heat the Air Fryer at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 min. Put the capsicums in the fry basket and close it. Let them cook at the same temperature for another 20 min. Turn them over in between to prevent over Cook.

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