Mushroom Sticks

Arrangement: 5 min
Cooking: 8 min Serve: 4
Essential Ingredients:
• 2 cups whole mushrooms
• 1 big lemon-juiced
• “2 tbsp.” ginger-garlic paste
• For seasoning, use salt and red chili powder in small amounts
• “½ tsp.” carom
• One or two papadums
• 4 or 5 tbsp. corn flour
• 1 cup of water
Cooking Procedure:
1 Make a mixture of lemon juice, red chili powder, salt, ginger garlic paste and carom to use as a marinade. Let the cottage cheese pieces marinate in the mixture for some time and then roll them in dry corn flour. Leave them aside for around 20 min.
2 Take the papadum into a pan and roast them. Once they are cooked, crush them into very small pieces.
place the cottage cheese pieces inside it. Close the basket properly. Let the fryer stay at 160 degrees for another 20 min.
4 Halfway through, open the basket and toss the cottage cheese around a bit to allow for uniform Cook.
5 Once they are done, you can serve it either with ketchup or mint chutney. Another recommended side is mint chutney.
Nutrition: calories 251, fat 6, fiber 8, carbs 39, protein 12

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